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top 5 annual
celebrations in trinidad

Trinidad Carnival

february, March

The Greatest Show On Earth. Watch as the streets transform into a magical masquerade with spectacular costumes & catchy Caribbean music, or join Carnival as part of a band for a truly immersive experience!

Click here for more on Carnival from programme to bands, where to stay and more.

Easter Weekend

March, April

Easter celebrations with a unique Trinidadian twist. Watch the Annual Play – a re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s final days through the Stations of the Cross & take part in the Annual Walk.

Enjoy a fun filled weekend with many activities happening across the island, from brunch to Easter festivals and fairs.

Public spaces throughout the island

2024: Mar 29
2025: Apr 18
2026: Apr 3

emancipation day

august 1st

A month-long national festival to celebrate the abolition of slavery.

Witness stunning parades with participants in their beautiful ethnic garments, watch fashion shows showcasing Trinidadian traditional clothing and join in some musical fun including drumming and concerts. Guests can also attend film events and educational seminars, panel discussions, exhibitions and lectures.

The Kamboule (street procession) on Emancipation Day is theatre in motion, a mass procession throughout the streets of the capital Port-of-Spain, featuring African drums, steelband, moko jumbies and dance groups.

Where the first Proclamation of Independence was read in 1834.

first peoples
heritage week


Celebrating the first peoples of Trinidad and their rich culture & history.
A week of celebrations featuring a series of events including indigenous street parades accompanied by traditional music, cultural displays, traditional dances, sacred rituals and storytelling.


Parades, cultural displays, traditional dances, music performances, and storytelling.

Witness sacred traditions such as the Smoke Ceremony at the Red House, which was built on an ancient indigenous burial site, and a Water Ritual.

Dining on delicious, traditional indigenous cuisine including barbecue, wild meat, cocoa, cassava, corn, maize and warap (beer made from fermented cassava).

One week leading up to October 14 every year

Arima, Port of Spain


october & november

A festival of lights, a celebration of good over evil.

A national holiday with sacred roots in Hinduism, Diwali is celebrated in Trinidad with a week of rituals and ceremonies leading up to the big day with candlelight celebrations, fireworks, sparklers, performances and paper lanterns.

Light a Diya (a traditional oil lamp) or take one home as a souvenir, try bamboo bending and indulge in some traditional Indian delicacies.

The Ramleela Festival, a 10-day reenactment of the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana, a captivating performance that ends with the burning of a giant-sized statue of the villain in the story, Rawana. Location varies each year.

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