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The Greatest Show
on Earth

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about Trinidad carnival

Roots in African, European & Indian traditions

A celebration of freedom, creativity and community

The Carnival attracts thousands of people from a round the world each year

Exciting, energetic atmosphere

Local culture, unforgettable parties, warm weather

A unique, authentic experience, sure to leave a lasting impression on your customer

When are the next Carnival dates?

  • 12th-13th
    February 2024
  • 3rd-4th
    March 2025
  • 16th-17th
    March 2026
It's best to start promoting Trinidad Carnival several months in advance, ideally around 6-8 months before the event. This will give your clients enough time to plan their trip, get their flights and accommodation booked, and join a Mas band if they want to participate in the Carnival parade. 
Save the date! Carnival falls the Monday and Tuesday before ash Wednesday. For customers planning further in advance, get these dates scheduled in. 
Carnival 2026 is set to be held on March 16th - 17th. Its never too early to start planning!

where to stay

Port of Spain

Port of Spain is the city, capital and centre of the Carnival activities. Staying in Port of Spain allows party goers to be in walking distance to various points to witness the spectacular event. There are a variety of international chain and locally styled boutique hotels, guest houses and holiday rentals to suit your customers needs.

Help your customers plan their carnival experience

Whether your customers opt to masquerade with a band, with an all-inclusive costume experience or a spectator, your customers can participate either way to enjoy the experience with soca music and steelpan along the various routes. There is lots to see and do at Trinidad Carnival.

Experience Carnival as Part of a Band

The key to immersing yourself within the true carnival experience.
This all inclusive package caters for everyone, with meat and veggie options to alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages available throughout
Guests will receive their costume, unlimited food and drink, and be part of a family to experience the very best of carnival.
Customers can expect to pay anything from £200 GBP to £1,000 GBP for your an all inclusive package. See below some recommended bands to join

pick your Band

Click the Below Images to Help Choose a Band

The Carnival Programme

top Tips for Carnival holiday planning

Make sure your customers bring water, wear plenty of sun cream, have a portable battery charger and wear comfy shoes to dance and party all day!

Ensure customers book well in advance! If they want to “Play Mas” with a band, places get snapped up quickly. We recommend booking at least 3-4 months in advance.

Arrange a driver, taxis get very busy during carnival.

On Monday, bring your own outfit, if Playing Mas, the band will provide this on Tuesday, this is your big moment in front of the judges!

Carnival Glossary

Click On The Image For Definitions Of Famous Carnival Words


A collective of people who come together and take to the streets for Carnival


The major show on Carnival Sunday night when 8 King and 8 Queens of the band costumes (some 30 feet tall) compete on stage to be named King and Queen of Carnival


Running up to carnival everyone hosts parties, known as jump up or fetes (pronounce fett) filled with music and opportunities to display their latest moves. Fetes are typically Soca or Calypso oriented parties around Carnival time.


Pronounced “Jou-vay” and also spelt ‘joovay’, ‘jouvay’ and ‘jouvert’, this term comes from French – opening of the day or daybreak – and is the first act when Carnival takes to the Streets.


To lime is to spend time relaxing and talking with friends


The parade route

Play Mas

This is what many people all over the world come to Trinidad to do. Everyone dresses up in stunning costumes and play mass down the road. Dance, sing, drink, socialise etc down the carnival route.


Wining describes the gyrating of spiralling movement of hips and pelvis in carnival dancing.