Uncrowded With Lots Of Space!

Wide Open Spaces and outward facing designs

Outward Facing Designs

Open & Airy

Lots of Natural Light

Less Queueing

Better Traffic Flow

Everyone Gets a Chair at the Pool Deck!

Amazing New Dining Experiences

Food Market:  AquaDome Market

Stunning Sea Views & Great Snacks: Pearl Cafe

American & Mexican: Surfside Bites & Surfside Eatery

Dinner, Entertainment + Cocktail Pairing: Empire Supper Club (Speciality)

All-day Brunch, Tacos, Poke Bowls & More: Pier 7 (Speciality)

Wizard Of Oz

A High-Calibre, State-of-the-Art Production!

Featuring a 15-Piece Live Orchestra

The Biggest Royal Theatre Cast & Orchestra Yet

Over 600 Costume Elements

Royal Caribbean’s Most Advanced Stage Production Technology Ever

Even More Power Outlets

In Staterooms: Near beds, nightstands, vanity areas, and built-in USB ports on lamps.

In Public Venues: Increased availability at the pools, restaurants, bars, and The Royal Promenade.

A mix of US and European standard outlets alongside USB-A and USB-C ports.

New Suites More Space

New Room Types: 

Surfside Family Suites

Redesigned Panoramic Ocean View

Infinite Balcony

Surfside Plus

80% Can Accommodate 3 or More Guests

70% of Cabins Have Balconies