Why Trinidad at Christmas?

Experience A Tropical Wonderland This December, Celebrate Christmas In Trinidad!

Perfect Weather Temperatures Average 25-30c

Top Things For Your Guests To Look Forward To

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Christmas Tree Lighting

Where:  Queen's Park Savannah

When:  1st Or 2nd Friday In December

A Popular Event With Thousands Of Attendees

With Live Music And Performances

Christmas Tree Lighting

No Charge, Entry Is Free

Delicious Trinidadian Christmas Cuisine

Black Cake  Made With Fruits, Spices, & Rum

Pastelles Dough Filled With Meat, Fish & Vegetables

Ham Served Glazed & Sliced

Sorrell Beverage Made From The Roselle Plant

Trinidadian  Christmas Cuisine

Parang Folk Music

Performed Only At Christmas Time

In Spanish, English & Trinidadian Creole

By Musical Groups Called The Parranderos

With Traditional Trinidadian Instruments

Parang Folk Music

Where To Watch Parang

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At Festivals & Concerts

In Public Spaces & Areas

From House-To-House

At Street Parties

Beautiful Holiday Lights & Decorations

Throughout The Island, Including:

Queens Park Savannah

Brian Lara Promenade

Divali Nagar

Maracas Bay Beachfront