Direct Flights:   Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2

Flight Time:  4 Hours 15 Minutes From London

Location:  The Canary Islands, Spain

Average Winter Sea Temperature:  23°C

Coolest Months:  December-February 24°C

The Sunniest Place In Europe

Average Winter Daytime Temperature Is 22°C

Things To Do in the Winter Months 

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Look Out For Whales & Dolphins 

Perfect Time To Spot  Whales & Dolphins  Off The Coast Of Fuerteventura

Book A Boat Tour 

Experience This Exciting Wildlife Encounter


Clear Winter Skies & Minimal Light Pollution

Visitors Can Join a Guided Astronomy Tour 

Learn More About the Constellations & Celestial Objects

Visit National Parks

Fuerteventura Has  2 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

1: Parque Natural de Corralejo

2: Parque Natural de Jandía

Delicious Food & Great Wine

The Freshest Seafood

Fish From The Ocean, Grilled & Stuffed With Garlic & Herbs

Queso Majorero, One-Of-A-Kind Canarian cheese

Delicious Canarian Wine

Customers Looking For Some Winter Sun?