Direct Flights:   Wizzair, Easyjet

Flight Time:  5 Hours & 30 Minutes Away From The UK

Location:  South Egypt, On The Coast Of The Red Sea

Best Time To Visit:  September To December

Hottest Months:  May-August, 36.1°C

Fantastic Weather All Year Round

Perfect For:  A Winter Sun Getaway

An Average Of 24°C In The Winter

Winter is Considered Off-Peak Tourist Season

Fewer Crowds = Relaxed & Serene Atmosphere

Shorter Lines At Attractions

Quieter Beaches

More Personalised Service

Better Value for Money

Less Crowded

More Affordable Deals On:


Tip:  Hotels & Resorts Often Offer Discounted Rates To Attract Visitors During This Time



Budget Friendly

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Sea's Visibility At Its Best

Renowned For Its Crystal-Clear Waters & Vibrant Marine Life

Underwater Discoveries 

Perfect Conditions For Diving & Snorkelling Enthusiasts

Cooler Waters Attract Different Species Of Marine Life

Ultimate Underwater Exploration

Explore The Surrounding Desert

Jeep Safaris

Camel Rides

Discover Ancient Desert Landscapes

More Enjoyable In The Winter Climates!

Desert Adventures

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