Here are Major Dates

All Leading Up To the Greatest Show On Earth this February.

Key Events 


The Fun Has Just Begun!

December & January Pre-Carnival Fetes

Tribe ICE: Live Bands Saturday, 30th December

1st Jam Road Party  Monday, 1st January

Cooler Fetes, Breakfast Parties & Cooler Cruises  Every Day, Select Dates In January

Evolve, SOCA with HOBA, All Day Brunch  13th January

Soaka Arts & Music Festival 19th January

December & January  Pre-Carnival Fetes

Fete de la Nuit, Chutney Soka Monarch Semi-Finals, Soaka Arts & Music Festival  20th January

Prestige All Included, Straight Outa Belmont, Soaka Arts & Music Festival 21 January

Cooler Fetes Lost Tribe, The Ladies, St Andrews, Air Committee  26th January

Fete Gala, Breakfast Party, Caesar’s Army Carnavale  27th January

January & February Pre-Carnival Fetes

Multiple Cooler Fetes, Breakfast Parties & Cooler Cruises Every Day  Except On Carnival Dates

Hyatt Lime All Included, Wednesday Night Mas  7th February

Palmiste, FOC Street, Sip & Sail Carnival Cruise, Sound of Soca, Passage To India, Panorama Semi Finals  28th January

February Pre-Carnival Fetes

Tribe Ignite, Spirit Mass, Cooler Fetes, Cooler Cruise  8 February

Soca Takeover, Wavy Carnival, Panorama Finals  10 February

Imagine J’ouvert, Soaka Street Festival  11 February

Carnival Monday  12th February 2024

Carnival Tuesday  13th February 2024

Carnival Days!

February Post-Carnival Fetes

BessLime Sunscape DDI  14th February

Post Carnival Relief, Carnival Beach  15th February

Stranded In Tobago, Alternative After Carnival Fest  16th February

Tribe Las Jam, Alternative After Carnival Fest 17th February

Imagine J’ouvert, Soaka Street Festival  11th February

Carnival 2024 Promotions

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