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3 Disney Treasure Updates from Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Treasure, Disney Cruise Lines newest ship, which will set sail in 2024. Here are the top 3 updates on what we know about this new, exciting ship!

1. A New Adventure-Themed Ensemble for Captain Minnie Mouse

Onboard the Disney Treasure, guests will discover a brand-new motif unlike anything Disney Cruise Line has done before: the theme of adventure. Embodying the spirit of exploration and discovery, Captain Minnie Mouse revealed a new adventure-ready ensemble created exclusively for the new ship.


2. All-New Bow Artwork for the Disney Treasure

Equipped with her trusty telescope and a mysterious map, Captain Minnie embarked on a quest to uncover a hidden treasure, which ultimately unveiled new artwork that will adorn the bow of the Disney Treasure, continuing a beloved Disney Cruise Line tradition.

3. Keel Laying Ceremony Marks Disney Treasure Maritime Milestone

On March 30, Disney reached a significant milestone in the construction of the Disney Treasure with the keel laying ceremony at Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. In a time-honored maritime tradition, a newly minted coin was placed under the keel of the ship for good fortune. The coin portrayed Captain Minnie Mouse in her new adventure look, styled after the medallion on the bow of the ship.

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