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For a once-in-a-lifetime celebration experience

Top Tips To Sell

Trinidad Carnival

Have customers looking for an unrivalled festival experience with lots of fun and guaranteed sun?
Here are our top 5 tips to sell the Trinidad Carnival to help you seal that deal!

5 Top Tips

  1. ‘The Greatest Show on Earth.’ It’s not your regular music festival but an island-wide, week-long extravaganza with the most incredible costumes, street parties, parades, competitions and music.

  2.  Customers can witness it as a spectator but why not participate in the carnival itself by purchasing an all-inclusive package with a band? A package comes with meals, drinks, security, medical and most importantly costumes.

  3. How much does it cost to join a band? Customers can expect to pay anything from £200 GBP to £1,000 GBP for an all-inclusive package. 

  4. When to start promoting and selling Carnival? 1 year in advance, ramp up sales efforts between 6-8 months before the week of the Carnival. Do let them know that the Carnival extends beyond the 2 official days – there are parties and fetes, all require tickets for entry and cost around £80 GBP per person.

  5. Remember: Tell your customers to book their spot with a band at least 6 months in advance by signing up online on the band’s page. Good to know: Carnival costumes take months to create and prepare! Click here for more Carnival information and to view bands available to join at the Trinidad Carnival

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