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Amazing! 180 Day Tour Tickets Around the World by Cruise Sold Out in a Day

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Ticket sales for “2023 Around the World in 180 Days” held by Oceania Cruises, the world’s leading culinary and destination focused cruise line based in Miami, Florida, on January 27 sold out in one day.

Indeed, the tour around the world using cruise ships will only be carried out in January 2023. However, the enthusiasm for purchasing tickets during the pandemic, which everyone is advised not to travel as they are now, is truly amazing.

In fact, Oceania Cruises, which has been operating since 2002 under Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, is selling a half-year round-the-world travel package at a price that is not cheap, starting from US$41,599 per passenger. 

This indicates that many rich people are thirsty for travelling—and believe that in two years the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer there. “Travellers are clearly optimistic and take advantage of this new opportunity to travel the world,” said Bob Binder, President and CEO of Oceania Cruises.

The “2023 Around the World in 180 Days” journey was the most extensive voyage ever. This is because the voyage departing from San Francisco will stop at 96 ports in 33 countries on 4 continents, including more than 60 UNESCO world heritage sites and sail for three days in Antarctica.

In the itinerary, as stated by Oceania Cruises in an explanation on Monday (8/2), not only is the purchase of tickets that run out in a day that is impressive, but the profile of the customer is also the same. Please note, more than a third of bookings come from new guests or first time.

In addition, 20% of bookers among them chose to extend their trip for a total of 218 days. “The prompt reception of loyal guests and new guests alike underscores the tremendous latent demand,” added Binder.

Unfortunately, Oceania Cruises did not say how many ticket buyers flocked to the opening day. However, looking at its capacity, the cruise ship used, namely Insignia, is likely to carry 684 passengers.

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