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Asia Restrictions Increased

The reopening of destinations will be a huge challenge, the head of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has warned.

In the past two months, the Covid-19 situation has deteriorated in the Asia Pacific region.

Restrictions are back on in Thailand with Bangkok in a complete lockdown for at least the next two weeks, as the number of cases and deaths keep rising.

Singapore has increased restrictions due to a new cluster forcing the travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong to be cancelled.

Japan are not allowing international visitors for the Olympics and possibly no locals will be allowed either.

India is of course struggling to cope with the increase of their numbers.

China, however, is doing relatively well but not allowing travel in or out.

The timeline of travel to these countries is unknown and predicting goals is proving to be too ambitious.

A 2021 restart for most destinations will be a huge challenge, with the vaccine process remaining to be relatively slow