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BA Offers New Fast Bag-Drop Prior to Check-In

British Airways has teamed up with AirPortr to create a new convenient and fast bag-drop area before heading to the departures concourse at British Airways’ London flagship Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport.

With the first drop-off point planned at the Heathrow Express train platforms, customers will be able to quickly and securely drop off their luggage at peak times**, before travelling bag-free straight through to security.

AirPortr’s team seals, secure, and check-in bags for customers’ flights, before being collected from the reclaim at their destination.

Customers can also choose to book luggage collections from their home address, from £19*. This service allows travellers to check in their bags from the comfort of their own doorstep, with a vetted delivery driver. AirPortr ensures that once collected, bags are sealed and monitored throughout the delivery process.

Passengers can track their luggage online from the moment it leaves their doorstep, or at the T5 key access areas, right up to the bag being loaded onto the aircraft. Customers using the services also receive digital bag tag receipts.

Tom Stevens, British Airways’ Director of Customer Experience said: “Ahead of July 19, we have been busy investigating and trialling ways to ensure that we can offer our customers the smoothest journey through the airport possible.”

This contactless initiative with AirPortr allows customers to avoid baggage check-in queues and move through the airport without the hassle of carrying luggage.

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