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Colombia Declares To Be The Most Welcoming Place on Earth

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Colombia, through the tourism promotion and foreign investment agency ProColombia, on Thursday (22/4) launched a new brand manifesto “Colombia, The Most Welcoming on Earth”.

The manifesto will be Colombia’s long-term positioning and will be used to promote tourism attractiveness and investment to the global market.

ProColombia states that the essence of Colombians is indeed full of warmth and kindness. It is clear evidence that allows it as a capital for designing the latest manifesto.

“Making tourists feel at home is easy in Colombia because warmth, service, and empathy are part of our DNA,” said Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia.

The new manifesto is the capital to restore Colombia’s economy after last year’s pandemic impacted through the flow of tourist arrivals and international investment starting this year.

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