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Cruise Ships Aid Rescue of Residents from St Vincent

Over the weekend, La Soufrière volcano erupted on the Caribbean island of St Vincent. In the wake of multiple eruptions, a number of cruise ships are on hand to rescue residents. 

This is the first time La Soufrière has erupted since 1979, covering homes in ash. 

Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruise have all dispatched vessels to help with the rescue efforts. 

An estimated 20,000 people have had to flee their homes amid a humanitarian crisis an expert has warned could last for months.

The UK has provided an initial £200,000 via the FCDO to support the regional response, through the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency.

“The rapid crisis funds will help provide lifesaving humanitarian supplies like shelter, sanitation kits and protective equipment,” the government said  on Monday.

Neighbouring countries have stepped up to offer aid and financial support, the pandemic has however made this increasingly challenging

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