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Crystal Announces New Referral Programme

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Crystal has announced the launch of its newest incentive, the Crystal Referral Programme.

This initiative is designed to reward Crystal’s loyal guests for sharing their cruise experiences with their friends and loved ones.

Crystal’s Referral Programme encourages brand enthusiasts to refer friends, family and colleagues to experience the “epitome of exceptional travel”.

For every “new to Crystal” guest a loyal past traveller refers, the new guest will receive 5% off their cruise fare and the past traveller will receive the same value as a credit to use towards a future voyage.

Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of guests one can refer, so savings on these exceptional experiences at sea are endless.

Marett Taylor, Chief Sales Officer at A&K Travel Group said:

“We are delighted to introduce this referral programme that celebrates the enduring loyalty of our guests.

“We believe that the joy of cruising is best shared with friends, and this opportunity not only rewards our guests for their referrals but also extends the warm embrace of the Crystal family to new travellers.”

Learn more about Crystal’s Referral Programme here https://crystalcruises.com/offer/us-refer-a-friend or call 0808 175 0350.

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