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Dubai Eases Domestic Restrictions

The UAE currently resides on the British government’s red list, however, Dubai has now eased several Covid-19 restrictions with Abu Dhabi to follow suit from 1st July.

In Dubai, live entertainment and activities are now allowed in restaurants, cafés, and shopping malls.

Precautionary measures must be observed, such as social distancing and face masks, and performers and entertainers must have had the Covid-19 vaccine.

All entertainment facilities and venues can have an increased capacity of 70%, while hotels are now free to raise occupancy to 100%.

The maximum number of people allowed to sit on a single table at restaurants has been increased from 7 to 10, while bars can re-open, provided all customers and staff have received the Covid-19 vaccine.

In Abu Dhabi, quarantine rules will be lifted with the new policy coming into effect on 1st July. Quarantine rules currently require travellers to isolate for 10-days unless travelling from 1 of 22 countries on its green list.