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Expect a ‘Limited’ Green List For When Travel Resumes

With the hopeful return of travel in May, everyone is eager to know which countries will be the most accessible to travellers without quarantine restrictions.

It is likely that Europe will not be on this list as a whole, but perhaps we could expect to see individual countries coming on.

As the US continues forward with their vaccine programme and it is possible with their high vaccine rate that they could be a likely candidate for the green list. 

The government has promised to identify countries on the green list under the new traffic light system put forward by the Global Travel Taskforce “in early May” for a possible restart from May 17.

The UAE and Israel have also stormed ahead with their vaccinations, whilst the Caribbean have done an incredible job managing the virus and keeping things under control. So we could expect to see these countries on the green list.

No matter where is on the green list, we look forward to the safe return to travel.

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