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Expedia Has a New Direction in a New Normal Era

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Expedia Inc., an online travel agency under the auspices of the Expedia Group headquartered in Seattle, Washington, has a new direction to face the new normal era.

Expedia’s new direction was designed after 25 years of presence in the fantastic global travel market. However, during that time the company focused more on volume and transactions in company development.

It turns out that the pandemic has changed all things. In the past year, the management of Expedia has been pondering while looking for facts about what today’s customers want, especially in the new normal era.

Shiv Singh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Expedia Brand, said that today customers want the company to be more than just a travel company, but always there every step of the way.

That means customers need a much more exclusive quality of service and mentoring than ever before. Expedia’s new direction is here to answer that customer’s wishes. “When travellers have to adjust to difficult circumstances, so do we,” says Singh.

Expedia’s new direction is not only reinforcing exclusivity of customer service, but also embodies the appearance and features of web and applications to be fresher and easier to operate.

In order for Expedia’s new direction to be understood by customers around the world, the company has prepared commercials starring American and British film actors such as Rashida Jones and Naomie Haris.

“Expedia’s new direction is a promise for travellers involved with the possibilities. But, now more than ever, it is necessary to feel more supported during their journey,” said Singh.

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