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Explora Journeys New Entertainment Programme

Explora Journeys
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Explora Journeys has announced the launch of the newly tailored entertainment programming aboard EXPLORA I, commencing on 5th July.

The comprehensive fourteen-day programme promises to elevate the guest experience with a series of evening performances, interactive activities, and exclusive events.

Guests will be treated to innovative and exclusively crafted performances featuring a new cast of international artists, joining the ensemble of musicians and hosts.

Digital Activities: An Industry First

Utilising special QR codes throughout the ship, guests can engage in unique daily activities on their devices, including Explora Journeys Trivia, Crosswords, and Word Searches themed to the journey’s locale, updated daily.

Additionally, timeless games like Sudoku and Chess can be enjoyed at any serene spot on the ship.

This cutting-edge technology also allows guests to make special musical requests directly to the performers.

By scanning a QR code in the Astern Lounge during late-night gigs, guests can view song lists, send requests, choose songs, or even suggest new ones, creating an interactive and personal connection with the musicians.

Explora Journeys

Daytime Activities: Enhancing the Ocean State of Mind

Guests can enjoy spontaneous pop-up performances by the pool from musicians, performers, and wellness teams. These experiences are complemented by specially paired beverages and snacks. 

Hosted Events and Unique Activities

Daily progressive events cultivate a sense of community, while unique one-off events and solo activities allow guests to choose their level of engagement.

The exceptional event lineup includes more Rituals, Daytime Sports, Interactive events, and an intriguing new multi-day secret Murder Mystery game, ensuring no one’s moments of tranquillity are disturbed.

Evening Entertainment: A Diverse Musical Experience

As day transitions to evening, the ship comes alive with live music, offering distinct atmospheres in each venue.

From relaxing Euro poolside vibes by DJs to elegant pre-dinner piano music in the Lobby and Explora Lounges, more vibrant musician-vocalist combinations in the Journeys Lounge, and contemporary music with the acoustic loop pedal duo in the Astern Lounge, guests can select their ideal setting for an evening filled with entertainment.

Later in the evening, guests are invited to the Explora Music Series, a nightly live spectacle in the Journeys Lounge.

Six new vocalists present a fourteen-night programme without repeat performances, supported by phenomenal guest acts and luminaries.

This talented ensemble also plays various musical instruments, performing in diverse lineups and events around the ship.

Evening choices include main stage performances, intimate lobby bar sessions, lively nights in the Astern Lounge with interactivity and dancing, and late-night wellness events celebrating the night sky.

A Summer of Special Performances

Throughout the journey, guests can delight in everything from DJ and Saxophone sets to the Songbook series honouring artists like Billy Joel and Carole King.

New experiences include Voices of Vegas featuring music from Sinatra to Adele, and Motor City, a feel-good musical revue with outstanding musicians.

New performers will also shine as solo artists supported by musicians, with Electric Violinists and West End singers among the resident team.

This summer, a variety of visiting performers, cultured luminaries, and the newest lineup of Steinway Exclusive performers will ensure a fresh and exciting experience each evening.

Visit Explora Journeys for more information.

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