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Global Glamping Market in 2028 Worth US$5.41 Billion

global glamping
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Glamping is in trend. Glamping or short for glamour camping, which combines the nuances of natural beauty with luxury tents, is increasingly in demand by many people in various countries as an alternative to travel.

Market research firm ResearchAndMarkets states that the value of the global glamping market continues to increase from year to year. In the period 2021-2028, the glamping market value is estimated to grow by a combined average of 14.1% to US$5.41 billion.

Europe is the largest market, which in 2020 has controlled 34.9% of the market value. Previously (2015-2016), the number of glamping trips in the UK was also fantastic, with a doubling from 160,000 trips to 325,000 trips.

The global glamping market continues to grow as it is driven by awareness of the benefits of loving nature and the unique experiences it has to offer, as well as being an alternative to conventional vacations in luxury hotels. Millennials are also happy with these challenges.