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Global Travel Collection Adds 70 Premium Travel Advisers

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The Global Travel Collection, a global network of premium travel agencies under the auspices of the Internova Travel Group, announced that in the last six months it has added 70 new travel advisors. Of the new trip advisors, 25 were from England. The new travel advisors joining the Global Travel Collection are all determined to succeed in the potential global travel industry.

“Although travel is one of the industries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, many advisers see a great opportunity when demand grows again,” said Angie Licea, President of Global Travel Collection. 

Global Travel Collection is the new name for the Travel Leaders Group, a division formed to manage a network of premium travel brands in the world, including Protravel International, Tzell Travel Group, Andrew Harper, In the Know Experiences, Colletts Travel, All Star Travel Group, and R. Crusoe & Nak. The Global Travel Collection provides the support travel advisors need to operate a service-oriented business and sophisticated marketing programs. The scale and influence of the Global Travel Collection also means that advisors have access to the industry’s most desirable commercial transactions.

“I really want to be a part of the Global Travel Collection because of their extraordinary reputation,” said Lori McMurtry, luxury travel Advisor of Protravel International. “I want to be part of a boutique high-end brand,” continued Renae Kyle of All Star Travel Group.

Jason Oshiokpekhai, Managing Director of Global Travel Collection UK, stated that the Global Travel Collection will continue to be committed to supporting travel advisors with various market opportunities in the UK and globally.

Global Travel Collection believes the travel market will likely recover as soon as restrictions are relaxed. Everyone is tired of the restrictions due to COVID-19 and hopes that it will end soon and that travel will resume.

The market opportunity for premium travel has more potential. In a survey conducted by the Global Travel Collection last October, it was found that out of 1,000 wealthy travellers who were respondents, 64% dreamed of travelling soon; 18% have already booked tickets for an upcoming trip; and 16% started planning their next trip.

At that time, the majority of them also said they would plan trips in 2021 and 2022 or wait for a vaccine before planning a trip. Most of them are prepared to spend as much money as the previous year’s holiday, others are willing to spend more on their upcoming trips.

They call Europe, Australia / New Zealand, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Canada, Mexico and Antarctica as a list of destinations they want to enjoy on their luxury trip. In these destinations, they hope to chat on a luxury cruise ship, explore the river or sea, and so on.

Allied Market Research also strengthened the data. In fact, the market researcher based in Pune, India, estimates the global luxury travel market will be worth US$1,614 billion by 2026. Asia Pacific shows the fastest growth, but countries in Europe and the Caribbean will continue to be the most preferred luxury travel destinations for travellers.

Therefore, during this pandemic, the data can be interpreted that luxury travellers pay more attention to health and safety, not the economy. So, Licea said, assistance from advisors is needed to find solutions so that wealthy people can stay on vacation without worrying about the pandemic.

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