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Holding out hope for a holiday? England might have to do

“All passengers departing to *insert dream destination* please head to your gate”

The words we are all longing to hear as we sip on the airport beverage of choice marking the beginning of our holidays. We dream those days are not far away but after recent announcements are our hopes of an open travel world diminished until 2022?

Matt Hancock has warned us (those on British soil), to avoid booking a summer holiday abroad and to accept that this year we may have to enjoy and appreciate our own English surroundings. But when we have airlines encouraging us to just “get something in the diary” and book our summer holidays now with a desirable price tag, our minds are being torn. 

Are we too optimistic to be thinking that all normal travel will resume this summer? Probably, yes.

With the process of vaccinations currently on track, the promise of a “Great British Summer” is deeming to be our light at the end of the tunnel. As we all know, judging by last year, we have to expect the unexpected. All these speculations are based on “ifs”. If we continue to follow rules, if the vaccine rollout continues the way it is, if we are strict for the next few months, we might have a normal British summer, we might be able to have some form of normal life. 

These “ifs” and “mights” are giving us hope. And quite frankly, if we are able to say to our friends and family, “let’s go to the pub”, I think we would all be happy with that. 

We still don’t know when restrictions will lift and what will be lifted first. It’s going to continue to be a long old slog to the end of the road, but think of how much further we as a country have come already. We are getting there and as much as we would all love to head to the airport off on our travels with a margarita in hand, a normal life with travel restrictions in place is what we are potentially looking at for this summer.

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