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How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay For A PCR Test Before International Travel?

Are you willing to pay for a PCR test prior to travelling abroad? If so, how much?

A third (33%) of British travellers have revealed they would not be prepared to pay for a Covid-19 test if it meant they could travel abroad.

A new study conducted by battleface, a travel insurance provider, shows that Brits are only willing to pay up to £22 per person on average for a PCR test.

As the hope of international travel nears, a number of countries are currently requiring travellers to submit a negative PCR test within a certain time frame before travel. UK travellers are currently not permitted to use NHS tests for travel, leaving the only option to get private tests which are currently costing as much as £120 per person on the high street, or even up to £200 by going to a registered clinic.

A mere 4% of the people surveyed would be prepared to pay £75 or more for a PCR test if it meant they could travel internationally.

Sasha Gainullin, CEO of battleface comments: “It’s good news that the majority of travellers will be willing to take a COVID PCR test in order to go on holiday. That said, the current costs of PCR testing makes this option unviable for most travellers based on what they are prepared to spend on testing. Whilst vaccination passports and PCRs are expected to be the two key requirements for travel to restart, there is still a high degree of uncertainty which changes the risk profile for travel. The data shows that 23% are still prepared to travel without adequate medical cover, which is worrying given that a similar proportion of those asked (22%) said they have been caught out in fees when travelling without insurance.”

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