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How Much Would You Pay For A PCR Test?

As the possibility of travel looms closer and with most people desperate to get away, the added cost of a PCR test could have a detrimental effect on Brits’ decision to go abroad, leaving the travel industry in fear.

Although countries on a green list does not require quarantine, a negative PCR test to depart from and arrive back to the UK may be necessary. 

These tests typically cost around £120 per person in the UK, now times that by a family of four, may have an impact on their decision based on affordability implicating that a holiday could only be for the rich.

The managing director of Randox, Dr Peter FitzGerald, said: “In recognition of the needs of both the travel industry and the British public at this unprecedented time, Randox will reduce the all-inclusive cost of PCR testing for those in the UK undertaking international travel to £60 per test. However, this is still a significant cost. 

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