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Jetex Offers The World’s Most Exclusive Iftar Experience

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Jetex, a private jet service based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), welcomes the month of Ramadan by launching the Iftar in the Skies program for those who want to experience extraordinary aerial views while enjoying a special iftar meal.

Jetex will take passengers flying from the Jetex VIP Terminal in Dubai to Abu Dhabi just before sunset. In the sky, passengers can see the buildings and tourist centres and mountains of the UAE. 

To provide a sensational view, the pilot will select the optimal altitude and cruising speed of the aircraft during the flight. A delicious iftar meal will be served after sunset mid-flight.

The Iftar in the Sky trip will return to the original airport after enjoying the iftar and the scenery in the air. Upon arrival on the ground, passengers will be invited to spend the rest of their free time enjoying the elegant facilities at the Jetex VIP Terminal lounge.

“Once again, Jetex is taking the private jet experience to the next level. ‘Iftar in the Sky’ will give a millennia of tradition a completely new dimension and relevant to the 21st century,” said Adel Mardini, founder and CEO of Jetex, in Dubai, Monday (5/4).

Apart from offering iftar packages, Jetex also offers a similar program for sahur. However, to enjoy the sensation of breaking the fast and sahur in the air on a luxurious private jet, passengers must pay a price starting from AED66,000 (US$17,967) for six peoples. The program is available between April 13 and May 12.

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