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Malta Celebrates First Two-Star Michelin Restaurant

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A Maltese restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars for the first time ever.

The Michelin Guide has unveiled its fifth edition for Malta, celebrating the island’s vibrant gastronomic scene.

Among the esteemed recipients of Michelin stars is ION Harbour, a restaurant nestled in the heart of Valletta and led by the talented chef Simon Rogan, which has been awarded the coveted two Michelin star achievement.

This marks a significant milestone not only for ION Harbour but also for the culinary landscape of Malta as a whole.

In addition to ION Harbour’s exceptional accomplishment, Rosami Restaurant, overlooking the picturesque Spinola Bay, has been honoured with one Michelin star.

Moreover, the guide has recognised Restaurant AYU with a coveted spot in the BIB Gourmand section for the first time, further highlighting the diversity and excellence of Malta’s culinary offerings.

The Michelin Guide has also introduced five new recommended restaurants, including notable establishments such as Terroir Ħ’Attard and One80 in Valletta.

Malta Tourism Authority CEO Carlo Micallef stated: “We are absolutely thrilled by today’s exciting announcement by the Michelin Guide for Malta.

“The addition of a new two-star Michelin restaurant, alongside a new one-star restaurant, a new Bib Gourmand establishment and five new recommended including two in Gozo, underscores MTA’s commitment to culinary excellence and diversity.

“These accolades not only elevate Malta’s status as a quality gastronomic destination but also highlight the incredible talent and innovation within our culinary scene.

“With each Michelin star, we’re inviting the world to savour the rich flavours and vibrant culture that Malta has to offer.

“This recognition further cements Malta’s position as a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts worldwide.”

For more information, visit www.visitmalta.com

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