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MSC Cruises Changes Vaccination Policy

MSC Cruises has updated its vaccination policy, now requiring all adults to be fully vaccinated after a change in government policy to ensure MSC Virtuosa can increase ship capacity.

Up until now, the cruise line has not limited its sailings to fully vaccinated passengers, however, new government guidance will allow larger ships to sail at 50% capacity as long as passengers have both vaccine doses.

In a statement announcing its policy change, MSC said its focus “was on inconveniencing as few guests as possible in this rapidly changing environment”.

“It will, however, understandably frustrate a number of our guests who had already booked their holiday with us for voyages but are not yet fully vaccinated,” the line said.

The change could allow 6,300 capacity MSC Virtuosa to sail with up to 3,150 passengers on board for the rest of the summer, more than three times the previous 1,000 limit, which has been in place since it began its UK domestic cruise season on 20th May.

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