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Northern Lights A Must-See For Cruise Travellers

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Cruise.co.uk has revealed that the Northern Lights have taken the top spot on the list of natural wonders that travellers would most like to experience on a cruise.

The finding was revealed by the cruise specialist following a survey of over 900 of its customers.

Also known as the Aurora Borealis – which made a rare appearance across the UK in May – can be seen on cruises to destinations including Norway, Iceland, Alaska, Greenland, Canada and the Arctic.

This natural wonder captured 33% of the vote.

Elsewhere, 29% of respondents most want to see whales and marine wildlife.

Whale watching is a cruise favourite, with ships travelling to the likes of Alaska, Norway, Iceland, Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii all offering ethical and safe vantage points.

Viewing coral reefs was in third place, with 15% of the votes.

The ecosystems are observable via cruise lines that prioritise sustainable tourism, with destinations including Australia, the Caribbean, French Polynesia, Maldives, Hawaii and Fiji on offer.

85% of respondents nominated a cruise as their preferred way of witnessing a natural wonder.

And 58% of those surveyed said they were ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ to book a cruise specifically to see a natural wonder within the next two years.

Tony Andrews, Managing Director of cruise.co.uk, said: “Cruises are a highly attractive option for travellers looking to experience natural phenomena across the globe.

“The incredible Northern Lights clearly hold a special allure, and are accessible via a range of destinations and cruise lines, as are a wealth of other bucket list destinations and experiences.

“Our customers have overwhelmingly voted cruises as the ideal way to witness some of the most stunning spectacles the world has to offer – from Australia to the Arctic, they are all within reach.”

Most popular natural wonders to experience on a cruise
Northern Lights – 33%
Whales and marine wildlife – 29%
Coral reefs – 15%
Glaciers and icebergs – 9%
Midnight sun – 6%

For more information go to cruise.co.uk or call 0330 303 8478.

Your customers can see the Northern Lights from the Norwegian Fjords, or embark on a cruise to the fjordlands! Open our guide to explore the Norwegian Fjords.


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