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Northern Norway Tourism Board New Autumn Campaign

Northern Norway
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The Northern Norway Tourism Board has unveiled its newest campaign, “Arctic Autumn”, highlighting the destination’s shoulder season from September to November.

The board said in a statement that autumn is a cherished season by locals in Northern Norway, ideal for hiking amidst the stunning autumn palette, with clear waters and fresh air providing exceptional visibility.

As the people of Northern Norway settle back into their routines after a busy summer, travellers will have the unique opportunity to experience how Nordland residents live, and their way of life.

Guests can look forward to one of the season’s best-kept secrets: the Northern Lights, according to Siw Sandvik, Leader of Communication and Marketing at the Northern Norway Tourism Board.

Differing from the mid-winter auroras, the end of September and the beginning of October is usually the best time to experience the northern lights due to stronger auroras, created by a unique magnetic effect from the fall equinox.

The campaign also underscores significant investments aimed at enhancing the autumn experience.

These include the bolstering of infrastructure for outdoor pursuits, the refinement of facilities for optimal Northern Lights viewing, and the introduction of innovative culinary experiences showcasing the region’s rich bounty of local produce.

The campaign also presents a multitude of experiences designed to fully embrace the unique offerings of the season.

From the enchanting dance of the Northern Lights to the thrilling display of storm-watching along the rugged coast, each activity promises an unforgettable adventure, Sandvik explains.

Under the slogan, “Arctic Autumn – The best time, locals say”, travellers can experience the region without the crowds, providing increased availability and promising untapped potential for unforgettable impressions.

From the freshest seasonal fare to the magical Northern Lights, there’s no shortage of reasons to fall in love with Northern Norway during autumn.

For more information, go to nordnorge.com/en/

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