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Padelford Riverboats Cruising the Mississippi River Starting 1st May

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Padelford Riverboats, Minnesota’s premier cruiser provider, announced that it will resume operating its day tour cruises across the Mississippi River starting 1st May.

On the voyage, Padelford Riverboats offer a variety of tours, dining, evening, and night views along the river, one of the US cultural landmarks, which is unique and awe-inspiring.

“We are definitely seeing and hearing that people are ready to come back to reality again,” said Gus Gaspardo, owner of the Padelford Riverboats, after feeling left behind last summer.

The evidence is that more and more people are calling to ask about cruise schedules as vaccinations continue. “They are ready to return to the world now,” Gaspardo continued.

To date, Padelford Riverboats have entertained more than 5 million passengers over the years. They had the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Mississippi River that were unforgettable from the past.

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