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Pandemic Solutions: Book Now, Travel Anytime

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The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed messed up everything. Plans that have been well arranged suddenly cannot be realized. Travel, which you have thought about in advance, will have to be delayed.

This is because many countries still restrict entry to foreigners, tourist centres are closed, and anyone is advised to stay at home, work from home, so as not to contract the deadly disease.

But, continuing to be cooped up in the house also makes us bored. Traveling is still a dream. The thing is, the pandemic isn’t over yet. So, how to solve it?

  1. Take a walk around the neighbourhood. Travelling to places that are not far from your home will help you maintain your health better and avoid spreading the pandemic. Because, at least you already know the area, although that’s not a guarantee.
  2. Take a short drive in your local area. If you feel boredom is not negotiable, you may take a local trip to beautiful grounds to refresh your mind. But, to be safe from disease transmission, seeing beautiful scenery without getting out of the car might be one solution, especially if it’s in a crowded place.
  3. Book now, travel anytime. Yes, if the saturation level gets bigger and you can’t stop it anymore, it’s a good idea to try the next option: “book now, travel anytime”. If you want to take a walk but are still unsure about the pandemic condition, are worried about the imposition of new restrictions, you should choose “book now, travel anytime”. Many travel agents and airlines offer “book now, travel anytime” service in order to get income but still pay attention to customers’ anxieties. If you have booked and did not leave, you will not lose your money, because the departure schedule can still be shifted.
  4. Use a private tour service. If you can afford it financially, charter a plane or rent a private jet why not? After all, if there is money, everything can be done in a more personal and more secure way, right? That means, there are prices, including for a way to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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