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Portugal Welcomes Back Cruise Tourism

Portugal has lifted its cruise restrictions and has opened all ports to cruise ships and their passengers. 

The order will be reevaluated and expected to be extended on 30th May.

The Port Authority of Douro, Leixoes, and Viana has said, “We are very happy to welcome again cruise ships and passengers at Porto Cruise Terminal, Port of Leixões.”

“Starting today, cruise passengers are once again welcomed at the Porto Cruise Terminal and we are ready to welcome you all and let you meet our wonderful region. The Portuguese government has just lifted the restrictions imposed on cruise ships and so cruise activity is, once again, allowed in Portuguese ports.” 

Passengers should present proof of a negative PCR coronavirus test within 72 hours prior to boarding or disembarkation. This is not applicable to children under 24 months of age, according to a statement.