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Puerto Rico Promotes Tourism Through Golf Tournaments

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Last week was an exciting week for Puerto Rico. The country in the Kabirian Islands has successfully hosted the PGA Tour’s Puerto Rico Open, a prestigious golf tournament in the region.

The tournament also marked the joining of the Puerto Rican Golf Association into the 59th Allied Golf Associations (USGA) network and the first from outside the United States.

“Puerto Rico Open is the biggest and most famous event held on this island since the emergence of the pandemic,” said Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico, in San Juan, Monday (1/3).

But, behind the golf tournament, Puerto Rico really wants to market its tourism to the world scene. Puerto Rico is a centre for beach tourism which is equipped with dozens of resorts and thousands of world-class restaurants.

Puerto Rico is a top Airbnb destination and a bilingual island that does not require a passport for United States travellers, making it a perfect remedy for tourist homesickness after being locked in a pandemic.

Recently the country has felt a positive trend from the implementation of health protocols being implemented and vaccinations that are starting to be promoted in various countries. Puerto Rico also hopes for more foreign tourists through the promotion of its golf tournament.

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