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Regenerative Spring Break In Trentino

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Trentino Tourism Board has shared some ways for travellers to enjoy a “regenerative spring break” to maximise their rest when visiting this beautiful region.

Here in Trentino, among spas, nature blooms and unusual places to sleep, guests can find all the elements for a perfect and profound experience of refreshment and rest.

Bee-well in Trentino

“Beewellness” is an unusual and unique wellness experience that combines simple natural aspects, such as the buzz of bees, the mountain air, a flowering meadow and a wooden cabin.

It’s organized by the family-run business of Gocce d’Oro, which offers ‘a multi-sensory journey into the world of bees’.

Also on offer is a bee wellness treatment, which takes place in a picturesque little hut a ten-minute walk away from Gocce d’Oro.

The buzzing of bees, together with the scent of propolis and wax, helps to regenerate the body by giving unique wellness experiences and a deep moment of rest.

A fairytale night at Castle Pergine

The castle hotel is located outside the municipality of Fersen in the Suganertal, surrounded by greenery and with a view of the lush landscape and beautiful mountains.

Valsugana is characterized by green valleys, clear rivers and charming villages framed by a fascinating alpine backdrop.

It is not only a paradise for nature lovers, but also a place that impresses with its historical flair and authentic hospitality.

Explore historic towns such as Pergine and Borgo Valsugana and immerse yourself in the region’s rich culture and history.

Sleep in Trentino’s first treehouse amongst the birds and squirrels

In Trentino, trees abound but are equally well looked after and are an integral part of the productive and recreational life of the area.

With the trunk of the tree running through the centre of the “tree house” this is an unusual and fascinating experience made peaceful by the silence, and the sounds of nature.

From the terrace guests can almost touch the forest, they will hear birds chirping and, if they are lucky, see squirrels scurrying across the roof and into trees, backdropped by the soaring Dolomites.

For more information, go to www.visittrentino.info

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