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Seabourn Offers an Impressive 65 Day Trip in the Pacific Ocean

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Seabourn, an ultra-luxury cruise line from Seattle, Washington, USA, offers the “Grand Pacific Voyage 2022: A World of Islands” program.

The 65-day adventure will depart from Vancouver, British Columbia, using the Seabourn Odyssey on 30th September 2022.

As scheduled, the currently booked adventure will arrive in Sydney, Australia, on 5th December 2022. The trip offers a valuable experience as it will make stops at 41 ports, 30
islands, and 12 countries in the itinerary.

The trip will also stop at destinations Seabourn has not visited in more than five years, such as Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii; Avatoru, Rangiroa, French Polynesia; Alofi, Niue; Dravuni Island, Fiji; and Ghizo Island, Solomon Islands.

“The Pacific Ocean is a phenomenon all its own: so vast, so beautiful, with such a wide range of destinations and cultures for guests to discover. So, the demand for Grand Pacific Voyage 2022 has been very strong,” said Josh Leibowitz, President of Seabourn, on Tuesday (4/5).

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