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seal the sail

MV OCEAN Albatros

A brand new ship built for arctic exploration.
A bucket list experience

MV Ocean Albatros
The Ultimate exploration

In this seal the sail guide, we share our 5 top reasons why the MV Ocean Albatros is the ultimate bucket list experience and what guest can expect to witness.

5 Top Tips

  1. MV Ocean Albatros Onboard Expedition Team: Daily briefings are available with a historian, a biologist or zoologist, a glaciologist or geologist and an ornithologist.
  2. Set sail on an Artic expedition: Experience the midnight sun from the Arctic circle or be amazed by the huge variety of wildlife, from polar bears, walruses and whales to arctic foxes and thousands of seabirds
  3. Discover the small rocky islands of Sjuøyane in the far north of Svalbard, almost vegetation free, they are located some 1000 km further north than the North Cape
  4. Sail mindfully: The MV Ocean Albatros has more than a 50% lower carbon footprint than traditional expedition vessels
  5. On Sale Now: Brand new ship, sailing from May 2023. For more information or key selling points, head to our guide to the MV Ocean Albatros

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