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Silver Ray Officially Named In Lisbon

Silver Ray
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Silversea has officially named Silver Ray, the second ship in its Nova Class.

This continues a banner year for Silversea, celebrating its 30th anniversary, and marking three decades as a pioneer and leader in ultra-luxury and expedition cruise travel.

Present at the ceremony were Jason Liberty, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean Group, and Bert Hernandez, celebrating his first naming as Silversea’s President, who addressed esteemed guests.

Dr. Josefina Olascoaga, ocean scientist and the ship’s godmother and Captain Alessandro Zanello officially named the ship followed by a ceremonial champagne bottle break on the ship’s hull.

The celebration included a bagpipe performance – a Royal Caribbean Group’s customary tradition – alongside live dance performances, and renditions of the U.S. and Portuguese national anthems.

Jason Liberty, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean Group, said:

“Welcoming Silver Ray to our global fleet represents the latest commitment from Royal Caribbean Group to continue building the Silversea brand and delivering the very best experiences in ultra-luxury and expedition travel.”

Bert Hernandez, President, Silversea, said:

“It is fitting that we are celebrating Silver Ray’s naming in the same year that Silversea celebrates 30 years of excellence, connecting our past with our future as we continue to lead in luxury travel and industry innovation.

“I am incredibly grateful to all involved, most notably to Captain Zanello and his crew who will bring this ship to life, and I proudly welcome Dr. María Josefina Olascoaga to the family as Silver Ray’s Godmother.”

Dr. Olascoaga is an ocean scientist and Professor of Ocean Science at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science.

The Dr. also co-leads OceanScope, a unique public, private and academic programme, that equips Royal Caribbean Group ships with oceanographic instruments to collect the ocean’s vital signs.

Dr. Olascoaga’s research and experience in studying ocean currents, how the ocean moves, and what that tells us, helps to shed light on how ocean conditions affect objects in the water.

Her spirit of curiosity and her depth of knowledge of the ocean make her an ideal Godmother for this innovative ship.

Silver Ray


Silversea’s Nova Class ships mark a new take on luxury at sea, introducing an unparalleled openness to the world with an asymmetrical design and 4,000m2 of exterior glass.

Silver Ray joins her sister ship Silver Nova, as one of the most energy-efficient ultra-luxury cruise ships ever built.

Due to embark on her maiden voyage from Lisbon on June 15, Silver Ray will spend her inaugural season in the Mediterranean before crossing the Atlantic to the Americas in December 2024.

Find out more information on Silver Ray and view the ship’s inaugural voyages: https://www.silversea.com/ships/silver-ray.html

Ship Guide – Silver Ray

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