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Spike in Domestic Demand Boosts Summer Bookings

As travellers remain confident that foreign and domestic summer holidays are going ahead, despite not knowing which countries will be unveiled on the government’s traffic light system.

According to Travel Counsellors, an independent travel agency, reports show new holiday bookings this year have now reached 80% of pre-pandemic levels recorded in March-April 2019.

As the pandemic hit in 2020 Travel Counsellors processed 48,410 refunds, rebooked 13,790 customers and credited 11,003 travellers for future bookings.

Despite the unknown destinations, the top five best selling destinations for summer travel are Spain, Greece, the UK, the US and the UAE, with the top five domestic destinations being Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Devon, Norfolk, Lake District and the Isle of Wight.

Travel Counsellors’ UK managing director and chief commercial officer Kirsten Hughes said:  “This year we’ve seen UK staycations enter into our top five selling list for the first time – to date, it is our third-highest summer ’21 selling destination following Spain and Greece, with a huge amount of interest in UK domestic cruising.”

“With so much to consider, the value of placing travel plans in the hands of a trusted travel professional has never felt more important.”