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Summer Travel Plans are Heating Up

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As summer approaches, not only is the weather heating up, the travel index is heating up. In the “2021 Summer Travel Index” released by TripAdvisor on Tuesday (20/4), it is known that travel plans are starting to show a significant increase.

This is driven by, for example, nearly half (43%) of Americans believe that tourism activity will recover in the next three months. Not only that, Americans are no longer satisfied with local travel so true vacations are coming back in vogue.

More than two-thirds (67%) of Americans surveyed recently planned to travel this summer (June 1-August 31), an increase of 17% compared to those who travelled in the spring (March 1-May 31). Millennials are most passionate about it.

More than half (53%) of Americans plan to spend more on summer travel this year than last summer. That makes Americans the top summer shopper, paying 9% more than the global tourist average.

Meanwhile, from a TripAdvisor survey in collaboration with Qualtrics which involved 2,500 respondents from six countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Italy, Singapore and Japan on April 1-8, it was revealed that globally nearly half (48%) of travellers plan to summer travel. 

Luxury destinations such as Bora Bora, a 30.55 square kilometre island in French Polynesia, and Dubai in the Middle East, topped the list of most wanted international destinations this April. Meanwhile, Greece and Iceland gained the most momentum in recent months.

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