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The 10 Most Googled Cruise Destinations In The UK

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The Caribbean is the most Googled cruise destination by the UK public, a new study reveals.

The study, conducted by Cruise Mummy, analysed Google Keyword search volume for over fifty countries, cities, and states that are popular cruising spots.

The cruise destination that was the most Googled is the Caribbean. There are an average of 99,300 searches made each month in the UK for cruises in and around the Caribbean.

The second most Googled cruise destination is Norway. Popular for views of the fjords and great lakes, Norwegian cruises are Googled 40,400 times on average every month by the UK public.

Cruises in and around the state of Alaska are the third most Googled cruises in the UK. There are 20,900 average searches every month for Alaskan cruises.

Greece is the fourth most Googled cruise destination, with a monthly average of 19,600 searches made in the UK.

Amsterdam is the location that has the fifth highest volume in relation to searches for cruises. Searches for Amsterdam cruises average at 7,200 each month in the UK.

Croatia is the sixth most Googled location, with searches for ‘Croatia cruises’ being Googled 7,000 times every month by UK residents.

There are six ports situated around Croatia that offer public services, offering plenty of opportunities to visit through various cruising routes.

Where in the UK are people most keen on cruising?

The UK areas that are making the most cruise-related inquiries on Google are interestingly all Scottish. Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh comprise the top three.

Glaswegians search for cruise-related terms 1,727 times per 100,000 residents, each month.

In Aberdeen, each month there are 1,467 average searches per 100,000 residents in the area, whilst in Edinburgh, 1,455 searches are made per 100,000 each month for cruise-related terms.

Jenni Fielding, cruise expert at Cruise Mummy commented on the findings: “Searches by UK residents for cruises hit a five-year high at the beginning of 2023, indicating how popular cruises are, particularly as travelling has become far easier with the near eradication of pandemic restrictions.”

For more information, go to cruisemummy.co.uk.

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