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This Year’s Summer Vacation Home Booking Is Faster Than Usual

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It was only February now, but the people of the United States had already booked their summer vacation homes. In fact, the vacation homes in some of the top tourist destinations as of June have been fully booked. July still remains, even that is not even half.

It seems that people in Uncle Sam’s country want to immediately relieve fatigue caused by being at home during the COVID-19 pandemic by vacationing with family. The choice is to live in rental houses around the vacation destination.

Compared to the same period last year, bookings for holiday homes since the beginning of the year have increased by 25%. “In fact, bookings for summer vacation homes usually only increase at the end of April,” said Jeff Hurst, President of Vrbo, a rival marketplace for Airbnb, in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday (23/2).

Hurst further revealed that there are several factors that encourage people to book their vacation homes faster. What is clear, people are more confident about going on vacation after getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

Plus people in the United States have been planning summer vacations for a long time and want more vacation time than usual to replace the tightening period during the pandemic.

However, to anticipate the sudden change in restrictions, they prefer to travel domestically rather than internationally. How about you, have you booked a vacation home too?

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