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Tianzhu Mountain Tung Flower Festival 2021 Gets Underway

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If in Japan there are cherry blossoms, in China there are tung flowers. Both are equally beautiful when in bloom. Today, the tung flower is in bloom and offers priceless beauty.

Therefore, the Haicang District Culture and Tourism Bureau together with the Haicang District Federation of Trade Unions is holding the Tianzhu Mountain Tung Flower Festival 2021.

The festival was held at Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park from 24th April to 3rd May. Those who visit the festival will see how beautiful the tung flowers are in bloom.

When falling, tung flowers look like snow, especially when seen from a distance. When heading to the festival location, visitors will also be treated to a series of tung flower-themed activities along the route from the east to the west.

The 2021 Tianzhu Mountain Tung Flower Festival will be held in Haicang District as well as the success of the rural revitalization program that is being promoted in China, including in the area