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US Travelers are Now More Flexible in Ordering Airline Tickets

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The behaviour of US tourists in ordering flight tickets began to change after the COVID-19 pandemic. If previously the majority of tourists chose branded airlines, not anymore.

According to a survey by independent research firm OnePoll, 6 in 10 (57%) US travellers say they would consider a wider range of airline and accommodation options when traveling than before the pandemic.

The research found that only one in four Americans would prioritize airline brands when booking tickets for trips overseas after the pandemic. That means much less than before the pandemic.

However, the change in tourist behaviour has benefited airlines and accommodation companies at large. This is because these companies, including travel agents, find it easier to sell chairs and rooms to customers who are more disloyal than before.

Pablo Caspers, Chief Travel Officer at eDreams Odigeo, a travel agency operating in 40 countries, including Italy, France, Portugal, UK and the US, with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, confirmed the change in behaviour of US tourists.

Therefore, eDreams Odigeo should anticipate it with a different market focus than before the pandemic. “We have spent the past 12 months ensuring that we are well positioned to meet the priorities of post-pandemic tourists,” said Caspers.