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Venice Hub

A Timeless Journey Through Water and History. Explore our hub featuring things to do, eat & see in the magical city.

Top 5 Key Selling Points

6 Facts About Venice

139 Churches/Museums
417 Bridges

Home 350 Gondolas, 400 Gondolieri and 177 Canals

Best Time To Visit: April-October
Great For: Families & Travellers Of All Ages, History-Buffs, Culture Lovers

One Of The World's Most Beautiful & Picturesque Cities

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Dry Season

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Featured Annual Events

Venice Carnival


Venice Biennale


Venice Film Festival


Featured Attractions

Rialto Bridge

Footbridge Over The Grand Canal

Piazza San Marco

Also Known As St Mark's Square

Doge's Palace

Venetian Gothic Style Palace

Featured Activities

Unique Selling Points

One Of Europe's Most Breathtaking Cities

Stunning Architecture, Immersive Cultural Experiences

Birthplace Of The Bellini Cocktail

Great Shopping, Beautiful Venetian Products

Delicious Venetian Cuisine And Veneto Wines