Trinidad Has So Much to Offer Beyond Its Sparkling Beaches & Turquoise Waters.

A Caribbean Gem

From Nature Reserves 

Fascinating Museums

There's Lots to Discover! 

 Mystifying Mangroves

Thundering Waterfalls 

Plus, a Culinary Adventure With Delicious Trinidadian Cuisine!

Caroni Swamp Boat Tour

Spot the National Bird of Trinidad at the Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Explore the Swamp in a  Flat-Bottomed Boat

Witness The Scarlet Ibis Take Flight in an Unforgettable Sunset Spectacle!.

Caroni Swamp Boat Tour

Home To:  Herons, Boatbills, Kingfishers, Egrets, Common Potoo, Flamingos & more!

Ideal for Birdwatching, Photography & Dinner.

This Protected Wetland is a Nature Lover's Haven.

Asa Wright Nature Centre

An Old Cocoa & Coffee Estate

Now a Research Centre & Eco Lodge.

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Home to Over 400 Bird Species

Bellbirds to Motmots & the Famous Oilbirds.

Guests Can Enjoy: Workshops, Lectures, Guided Tours Led By Expert Naturalists Through the Lush Rainforest.

A restaurant on-site serves delicious meals featuring local ingredients, grown in the on-site organic garden.

Maracas Waterfall

Explore Trinidad's Tallest Waterfall! 

Maracas Waterfall

Hike Through Lush Forest Towards the 300-Foot Cascade For a Swim or a Picnic.

Pro Tip:  There's a Natural Slide Hidden Behind the Thundering Waters.

Feeling Adventurous?

Explore Longer Trails That Lead Deeper into the Rainforest.

Port Of Spain

The Vibrant Capital of Trinidad & Tobago!

Port of Spain

A Unique Blend of Caribbean Charm, Colonial History, & Lively Cultural Energy.

Explore Historic Buildings

Architectural Marvels, Vibrant Markets, Beautiful Parks & Museums.

Must See:

Queen's Park Savannah

National Museum & Art Gallery

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Magnificent Seven

Trinidadian Cuisine

Embark on a Culinary Adventure!

Trinidadian Cuisine

Doubles:  A Savoury Snack of 2 Fluffy Flatbreads Stuffed With a Warm, Spicy Chickpea Filling.

Pelau:  A Flavourful Rice Dish Made With Chicken, Peas, Coconut Milk & Spices.

Bake & Shark:  Trinidad's Most Iconic Sandwich - Deep Fried Fluffy Dough & Fried Shark Meat.

Fine Dining & Fresh Seafood Also Available.