A vibrant celebration of freedom and culture that takes over the streets of Trinidad every year!

What Is Trinidad Carnival?

What To Expect?

An Electric, High-Energy Atmosphere

Music, Stunning Costumes, Non-Stop Parties, Competitions & Parades

Thousands of Masqueraders in Bold & Colourful Costumes

Soca, Steelpan & Calypso Music

Delicious, Traditional Trinidadian Cuisine

Official Carnival Dates

Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday

Pre & Post:

The Fun Starts a Month Prior 

Continues for a Week After the Main Carnival Days!

What To Look Out For

Traditional Mas Characters

The Steelpan Crawl

The Re-Enactment of Canboulay Riots

The King and Queen of the Bands

How To Sell Carnival

Customers Can Join the Carnival Wearing Their Own Costumes!

How: Purchase an all-inclusive package with a band

These go on sale up to a year in advance.

Anything from £200 - £1,000 for an All-Inclusive Package

How Much Does it Cost to Join a Band?

How To Sell Carnival

Tickets cost approx. £80 per person.

There Are Non-Stop Fetes & Parties all Week Long

Sell Carnival to Your Customers as Early as Possible

More Tips on Selling Carnival