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Welcome to the Joyful Cruise Line, Azamara Onward!

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After being sold by Royal Caribbean Group, an American global cruise holding company incorporated based in Miami, Florida, to New York-based private equity firm Sycamore Partners for US$201 million in mid-January, Azamara is now an independent cruise ship company.

As an initial move, Azamara added a new cruise ship named Azamara Onward to complement the three existing ships, namely Azamara Pursuit, Azamara Journey, and Azamara Quest. The ship is currently still docked in Civitavecchia, Italy, to be renovated first to become fully Azamara.

The ship was named Azamara Onward because it was a marker of progress in time and space. The name is meant to evoke feelings of resilience, positivity, and an infinite future. Overall, the name reflects the brand’s trajectory and a journey to the next round.

“Our beautiful new ship can access a smaller port and allows us to take our guests to more destinations,” said Azamara President Carol Cabezas. “While choosing a unique name, we realized our fourth ship marked the start of a new adventure and we chose a name that celebrates a bright future.”

Azamara Onward is scheduled to sail for the first time in 2022 after renovations are complete. The upscale boutique-style ship allows travelers to visit small islands to see hidden gems without compromising the luxury and comfort of the cruise.