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10 Best European Destinations For A Sunny Spring Break

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New research has revealed the ten best European destinations for a sunny spring break, with Murcia taking the top spot.

Airbnb management company GuestReady analysed the average number of sunny hours per month for the 300 most populated cities in Europe, to find the 30 cities that see the most sun year-round.

For each of these 30 cities they then calculated the average price of an Airbnb per night, a three-course meal for two, a 1km taxi journey, domestic beer and entertainment, to give each city a maximum score out of 100.

According to the study, the best European city for a sunny spring break is Murcia, which scored an impressive 87.4 out of 100.

The city in south-eastern Spain receives 346 hours of sun per month, meaning roughly half of the day, every day, is sunny in Murcia.

Visitors can find accommodation listed on Airbnb for €98.28 on average per night and couples can expect to pay around €45 for an evening meal out.

The city also has one of the cheapest domestic beers costing only €2.00, the third cheapest beer after Rome (€1.30) and Tirana (€1.77).

Number two is Catania in Italy, residing along the eastern coast of Sicily, which scored a close 86.4 out of 100, and receives an average of 347 hours of sun per month.

When broken down, visitors are looking at spending an average of €103.74 on an Airbnb each night, while a taxi for 1km would only cost €1.

Couples who wish to dine out during their holiday in Catania would only need to spend €48 on a three-course meal for two and €4.5 on domestic beer.

Entertainment and activities in Catania typically cost an average of €19 per activity, which may include fees paid for admission tickets to museums and attractions, day tours, and other sightseeing expenses.

In third place, with 336 hours of sun per month and an overall score of 85.45 is Tirana.

The Albanian capital is the most budget-friendly city for accommodation, with the cost of an Airbnb priced at only €61.88 on average.

This makes it on average €228 cheaper than the most expensive accommodation on the list, which was is in Barcelona.

Visitors here will also get the best deal on alcohol compared to all other destinations with domestic beers costing as low as €1.77.

The picturesque city of Alicante, on the Spanish Costa Blanca, scored 84.9 overall ranks fourth on this list.

It was found to have the highest number of sunny hours in Europe, at an average of 349 hours of sunshine per month.

Alicante also has an abundance of museums and historical sites, but visitors will typically pay a premium, with entertainment costing at least €53 per activity, more than any other destination on this list.

Zaragoza in Spain will appeal to foodies looking for a spring break on a budget, as the cost of meals out for two is one of the lowest on this list at just €35.

Taxi trips are also wallet-friendly, at only 0.82 per km. However, the higher cost of an Airbnb, at €100 per night and alcohol at €2.50, means that Zaragosa ranks fifth on this list with a total score of 84.4.

Las Palmas, Spain is the sixth best destination for a sunny spring break, scoring 83.5 of out 100.

When broken down, visitors are looking at spending an average of €107.38 on an Airbnb, while a 1km taxi journey would cost €2.75.

Prices for entertainment and activities in Las Palmas are typically low, costing an average of €16.

Another sunny destination that holiday-goers can travel to without breaking the bank is Messina in Italy.

Ranking seventh on the list, with a score of 83.3, the city has an average of 345 hours of sunshine per month.

Visitors will pay €114 on average for Airbnb accommodation each night, €50 for a three-course meal for two and taxis are affordable at just €1.14 per km.

In eighth place is another Spanish city, Málaga. Located on the Costa del Sol, the port city scored 81.7 overall despite offering the second most expensive Airbnb price per night after Valencia, at €133 on average.

Visitors will get a better deal here on alcohol eating out and taxis, all of which are cheaper than in Messina.

Valencia in Spain ranks ninth in the list with a score of 80.1 out of 100.

Those looking to visit will need to spend on average €139 per night for an Airbnb, more than in any other city that made the top ten.

Visitors can expect to pay more reasonable prices for food and drink, however.

Palermo ranks tenth overall, scoring 79 out of 100.

The Sicilian capital ranks as the most expensive city for foodies, with the price for a three-course meal costing €50 – more than any of the 30 cities studied. Palermo also has the second most expensive domestic beer costing €4.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from GuestReady said: 

“Opting for a city break in May is often a wise choice, particularly in the Mediterranean. The weather is just right, the crowds are manageable, and the atmosphere is vibrant.

“Many of the most affordable sunny spots for a spring getaway are in Spain and Italy. However, the findings highlight some hidden gems such as Tirana as well as the less touristy, yet beautiful, cities of Catania and Murcia.

“All these destinations continue to boast sun and warmth for most of the year — and most importantly, tend to be much easier on your wallet.”

The study was conducted by GuestReady, an award-winning Airbnb management company, that offers tailored services for short and monthly stays.

For more information, visit https://www.guestready.com/en/london/airbnb-management

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