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AI Technology Begins to Revolutionize Hotel Bedding

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Sleeping on a five-star hotel bed is definitely very comfortable, especially after enjoying a tiring journey. Moreover, from now on you will be treated to a hotel bed that is not only soft, but also smart.

Bryte, an AI technology company founded by Silicon Valley veterans John Tompane, Ely Tsern, and Jonathan Farringdon in San Francisco in 2016, has succeeded in changing the sleeping experience in a luxury hotel from comfortable to more comfortable and healthier through the revolutionary Restorative Bed.

Restorative Bed is specially created to improve the sleep quality of hotel guests by utilizing an embedded sensory network. The sensory network functions to detect biometrics such as the heart rate and breathing patterns of a guest.

The identification is then connected to the air conditioning feature that automatically adjusts the temperature according to the body’s needs, from early sleep to making hotel guests sleep as soundly as possible. The 100 air cushions on the computer controlled bed will make guests’ dreams even more beautiful.

However, this restorative bed does not mean that sleep is too comfortable and immeasurable. When it’s time to wake up as arranged by the previous hotel guest, the bed will warm up to the room temperature like the sun is just rising, and there is also a nudging motion option to wake the guest.

“Hotels strive to personalize the guest experience and provide a level of service that exceeds expectations. This is what Bryte Restorative Bed has to offer by turning a neglected hotel bed into an in-room wellness experience,” said Francisco Levine, Chief Business Officer of Bryte, in California, Wednesday (17/3).

The development of AI technology-based hotel beds was welcomed by the market. According to Levine, several luxury hotels such as the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Cavallo Point San Francisco, The London West Hollywood, Park Terrace Hotel in Bryant Park, and Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa have used these products.

Co-founder and CEO of Bryte Ely Tsern said that currently the hotel industry is starting to revive. Because of this, smart hotel beds like the Restorative Bed from Bryte will be a major marker between before and after the pandemic, as well as between luxury hotels and regular ones.

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