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AI Technology Boosts Cruise Ship Market Recovery

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The COVID-19 pandemic has killed the tourism industry around the world, including forcing cruise ships to stay on the edge, during 2020. The new year opens up new hope, but it is not easy for travel agencies to find cruise ship passengers.

On that basis, Cruisewatch.ai, a start up that supports digitizing cruise ship tickets based in Hanover, Niedersachsen, Germany, is trying to work around this by leveraging big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help cruise ship companies read market developments in real time.

The move represents a significant advance for the cruise ship industry and shipping agencies because the previous pattern of only looking at the market was based on conventional, outdated processes and only questionable estimates.

According to the company’s explanation, if the old pattern makes the collected data mixed up messy so that it affects the final conclusion that is not correct, with the digitalization platform based on big data and AI technology developed by Cruisewatch.ai, cruise ship companies and shipping agencies can read market movements into more reliable.

The platform has two advantages, namely analysing the market movements needed by cruise ship companies and reading price developments and other information for shipping agents around the clock. Because, the platform runs for a full 24 hours and is able to summarize brief updates for certain markets.

The platform is also able to provide cruise agencies with an overview of, for example, the 10 cheapest cruise ticket prices today. So that travel agents can provide the best choice for their customers. Also, the platform is believed to be a mecca for travel agents in the future and leave classic shipping agents unchanged.

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